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Walter Adey, PhD.

As a scientist and curator at the Smithsonian Institution, Dr. Walter Adey concentrates his research on algal ecology. Adey's studies have included the highly linked photosynthetic and calcification capabilities of coral reefs and their geological development; the ocean-wide distribution of seaweeds as structured by the fluctuating climates of the Pleistocene; and adaptation of algal processes to the critical human need for environmental management. His specialty has been the biology and physiology of coralline algae and their role in calcifying and creating habitat.

Among the first to demonstrate the Holocene geological development of Caribbean coral reefs and the linkage of that process to free-living algal photosynthesis, Adey then used algal ecosystems as environmental control systems to pioneer the development of experimental ecosystems, microcosms, and mesocosms through the 1980s and 1990s.

A leader in design and testing of graphical/mathematical models to understand the biogeographic distribution of marine algae, Dr. Adey also has developed capabilities to go to sea over extensive lengths of coastline to collect the data required for his studies. In this work, he also has acquired extensive hands-on maritime and SCUBA experience.

In the early 1980s, Walter Adey invented Algal Turf Scrubber® (ATS™), a solar-algal process for removing nutrients, heavy meals, and toxic organics from water, and CO2 from the atmosphere. A large-scale capturer of solar energy, ATS™ produces an algal biomass that can be used as animal feed, fertilizer source, cellulosic and protein product, and energy source

1951 — 1955 Massachusetts Institute of Technology. B.S. Geophysics, 1955
Engineering and Science.
1956 — 1959 MIT/Harvard University; Graduate Studies, Paleontology, Biology
1960 — 1963 University of Michigan; PhD. 1963
Marine Botany and Geology.
Primary Positions:
1964 — present Research Scientist and Curator, National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution
1972 — 1978 Adjunct Professor, West Indies Laboratory, St. Croix
1975 — 1999 Director, Marine Systems Laboratory, Smithsonian Institution
1977 — 2012 Adjunct Professor, University of Maryland, Georgetown University, University of Maine, George Washington University, Johns Hopkins University, Virginia Institute of Marine Science.
1985 — present President, Ecological Systems Technology, Inc. R & D support
1964 — 2012 Over 140 research and educational publications in the fields of: algal biosystematics, ecology and physiology; biogeography, coral reef geology and ecology, Pleistocene Geology, ecological engineering and water quality control. For complete list, see Walter H. Adey - Department of Botany Staff National Museum of Natural History or Google Scholar Citations.
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